Highlights Sevilla FC vs Atlético de Madrid (1-0)
Big win for Sevilla FC in the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán against Atlético de Madrid with a goal of Acuña in the second half #SevillaFCAtleti Matchday 29 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021
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  • Просто Я
    Просто Я

    Тотализатор купил атлетико

  • Ab Ghani
    Ab Ghani


  • sven trogrlic
    sven trogrlic

    man, this stadium is a real beauty!

  • mangobeyund

    Useless club ATM

  • Macarena Rincón Falcon
    Macarena Rincón Falcon

    Tengo al hijo de Jesús navas en mi clase

  • Macarena Rincón Falcon
    Macarena Rincón Falcon

    Increíble buena Sevilla eres mi equipo de la infancia

  • Macarena Rincón Falcon
    Macarena Rincón Falcon

    i Sevilla Sevilla Sevilla aquí estamos contigo Sevilla!

  • Jason Royalte
    Jason Royalte

    Big win

  • Danny Taylor
    Danny Taylor

    Suarez is having flash back to crystal palace

  • الامبراطورية المغربية
    الامبراطورية المغربية


  • Rex Longfellow
    Rex Longfellow

    The cameras are so good lol

  • 신지원

    세비야와아틀레티코 마드리드는 역시 라이벌이야.😁

  • ramiro valenzuela
    ramiro valenzuela

    Simeone needs to go; They’re not winning La Liga this season; with opponents like Betis, Bilbao, Barcelona, Real Sociedad.. yet to face, i highly doubt they’ll win those. they’re not gonna beat Barcelona. What a shame when they were up by as many as 7 pts or so, and had less games played.

  • James Harrington- Spanish Football
    James Harrington- Spanish Football

    Great to see Sevilla finally beat one of the big three!💪

  • Nelson Demba
    Nelson Demba

    If Barcelona wins their games against both Madrid clubs, they'll win the league this season.

  • Burak J&J
    Burak J&J

    Bonooo my maaannn 😍😍🏅🏅

  • H C
    H C

    Athletico in 2021 have been a complete embarrassment completely crashed out of the ucl and now are bottling the league


    Simeone out!!!

  • Regős Levente
    Regős Levente

    VAMOOOOOOS ATLETICOOOOO❤🤍❤🤍❤🤍❤🤍❤🤍🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝

  • manolo garcia
    manolo garcia

    Ahora los enlaces que pone la liga son en inglés ? Jajaja parrafada

  • Daniel Loría
    Daniel Loría

    Qué inutilidad la del Atlético. Arriba Barça!

  • Edi Cavani
    Edi Cavani


  • henry kwidini
    henry kwidini

    Came here to watch Kounde

  • JohnDaWhale3

    1:16 We don't "feel" he handled the ball...he DID handle the ball.

  • Lin Kuno
    Lin Kuno

    Ocampos missed quite a few penalties recently 😢

  • Oliver Camara
    Oliver Camara

    Equipos españoles y en ingles 👏👏

  • isee

    1:31 WTF

  • Perez

    Hala Madrid

  • Normirzayev Salimjon
    Normirzayev Salimjon

    Севилья, молодец ! Помог Барселоне приблизиться к лидеру !

    • Maksim Kim
      Maksim Kim

      Да , и команда хорошая

  • Jakub Sadowski
    Jakub Sadowski

    Dzięki .

  • Pranvera Brame
    Pranvera Brame

    Nje dite para se te ikte hallo keta me florin dhe enin

  • Nymgmhb A
    Nymgmhb A

    Atletico is the only team that goes full defense even when losing 😂

  • Nymgmhb A
    Nymgmhb A

    I think the winner of el clasico will win laliga

  • Marina Sredanovic
    Marina Sredanovic

    Vamos barca

  • Marios YeetZalad
    Marios YeetZalad

    Atletico bottled so hard that Sevilla are in the title race

  • Doman2k19 Doman
    Doman2k19 Doman

    Barca and real madrid fan about to like OH MY GODDDDDDDDDD

  • Marios YeetZalad
    Marios YeetZalad

    I haven’t seen a good title race in this league since 2014 but Sevilla are also in it as well

  • Alex Pena
    Alex Pena

    Barca team is full of youngsters that at the beginning at the season they were rusty and didn’t have to much experience and slowly they have been growing into amazing players wait for theses next seasons their youngsters will become beast and unstoppable give them. A chance

  • Acen

    Bono is on fire ❤

  • Iguázel Laguardia
    Iguázel Laguardia

    Por qué no celebra su gol Acuña? Por qué falla el penalti Ocampos? Por qué Ocampos, el aprendiz, no impide el remate de Hermoso optando por mirarlo y nada más? Por qué Lopetegui no se entera? Qué penoso lo esta gente


    Dejen escuchar en español porfavor

  • J E
    J E

    Atléticos quitáos la venda de los ojos! Por culpa de la cobardía de Simeone vais a perder la liga y así año tras años. 8 puntos de ventaja y 2 partidos menos. Culpa Simeone!

  • By Fran
    By Fran


  • T.B. Onderweg:في الطريق
    T.B. Onderweg:في الطريق

    Bravo Bono👍👍👍🙏

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


  • BaD SoniXツ
    BaD SoniXツ

    El gol tuvo que estar anulado menuda manaza por eso se quedaron parados y marco acuña

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


  • Коля Ким
    Коля Ким

    Аа жакшы, жакшы, молодецсинер Севилья

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz



    bono is the best the last safe

  • Rafael Fernandez
    Rafael Fernandez

    Simeone fuera. Pero ya


    Suarez is soo bad actually, barca did good selling him


      @Belkis Diaz hey cutie

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


  • Mr 123
    Mr 123

    Oblak is the beat gk in the world

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


  • Guru Sevilla
    Guru Sevilla

    Vamos mi Sevillaaaaa

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


  • fallou Galas Niang Mané
    fallou Galas Niang Mané


  • marcel matani
    marcel matani

    the days of defensive play are over simone and mourinho should have learned this by now

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


  • rowland jnr blay
    rowland jnr blay

    Thank you very much sevilla ...all hands on deck for Barcelona

  • NO Comment
    NO Comment

    Bono the best goalkeeper in La Liga

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


  • Deneme için son 1 ayı bekleyen sansar
    Deneme için son 1 ayı bekleyen sansar

    Diego Simeone Europe's worst teacher

  • Yannick Guillon
    Yannick Guillon

    Arbitrage hostile à l'ATM. Comme trop souvent.

  • Deneme için son 1 ayı bekleyen sansar
    Deneme için son 1 ayı bekleyen sansar

    simeone balon

  • The War Lord
    The War Lord

    Bono what a good goalkeeper

  • a rainy girl
    a rainy girl


    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


  • charlesS

    Atletico Madrid are shit idiots I knew Felix rip off price Benfica Laughing all the way to the bank £113 million

  • Said Jok
    Said Jok

    Bono 👏

  • Timo Werner
    Timo Werner

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭 i can't they bottled it.i knew they always useless they can't win anything🤣🤣🤣

  • lm jv
    lm jv

    Тили-тили трали-вали, вот чемпионство атлеты и проебали

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


  • Abdifitah Mohamad
    Abdifitah Mohamad


  • account5777

    Simeone, it's time to go. You are the highest paid coach in the world. 80% of the time your team defends, even though you have very good strikers. You kill football. It was solely your fault that Atletico lost a 15-point advantage. Shame on you. My grandmother would keep the advantage on the bench with a team like this.

  • Francisco Jose Sanchez Miro
    Francisco Jose Sanchez Miro

    Saltar de la pantalla la iniciación del partido

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


  • SkinnyNiggaWidFatBelly

    If barca wins today against Valladolid, they will be only 1 point behind atletico. I think atletico are going to bottle it 🤦‍♂️

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


    • Daniel Nowak
      Daniel Nowak

      Exactly my friend.

  • The Love Bug
    The Love Bug

    Hermoso es Horrible...

  • Hamza Go
    Hamza Go

    BONO 👍👏❤🇲🇦❤🇦🇹 dima wydad

    • ikram lb
      ikram lb

      @Amine Laachiri l9rayad

    • Amine Laachiri
      Amine Laachiri

      Sir gha thawa

  • Christian David
    Christian David

    Hi guys from the beginning are well know Barcelona win the league

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


  • Miguel Almeida
    Miguel Almeida

    Atleti was thrashed. They play nothing, they still lead, but not for long. Who would pay one cent to see them play??? They suck, they are horrible and boring to see.


    Nicely arranged

  • Gerti Spiller
    Gerti Spiller

    🤣🤣🤣😂 Real Fean

  • Francisco Asensio
    Francisco Asensio



    Nice move from goal keeper BONO at the last minute👍✌🐱‍🏍

  • t8 Studios
    t8 Studios

    Barcelona and Real Madrid fans be like: Congratulations Sevilla for beating the 1st Place team

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


  • Swap line channel
    Swap line channel

    Скажите мне, окампос умеет забивать пенальти вообще? Он и тер штеген не забил, и облаку

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


  • Claudia Baños Garrón
    Claudia Baños Garrón

    Viva el Sevilla

  • محمد علي
    محمد علي

    الليغا لم تحسم بعد

    • محمد علي
      محمد علي

      @Belkis Diaz انت اسمك دياز

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


  • joao lopes
    joao lopes

    Simeone gosta de equipa defensiva, se queres ganhar algo tens que atacar e marcar golos, quando Simeone for embora o Atléti será campeão!!

  • Murooo 121212
    Murooo 121212

    Oblak is the Best goalkeeper 👍

  • Victor Roca
    Victor Roca

    Quizás es hora que el sobrevalorado de Ocampos deje de tirar penaltis jajaj

  • Blob

    Can't wait to see how betis fans explain that they're the best team in seville after this one...

    • Amine Laachiri
      Amine Laachiri

      @Blob they are trashtalking, how could they be better than a team who always participates in CL (( which means always ranked amongst the fourth first teams in La Liga ) and who wins most of the time The Europa League?

    • Blob

      @ataladin 87 they lost the darby anyway

    • ataladin 87
      ataladin 87

      and what if Betis win their next game???

    • Blob

      @Amine Laachiri they don't say it but they mean it

    • Amine Laachiri
      Amine Laachiri

      Nobody says it lmao

  • Iker Chavarría Seva
    Iker Chavarría Seva

    Por favor que Lucas no tire más penaltis

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


  • DanstRox

    Haha, sucks for simeone That loser should be receive the karma


    El pupas siempre será el pupas de 11 puntos de ventaja a perder la liga, me parto el cull de los que hace tres meses daban por acabada la liga, era evidente que no iba a ser así, solo los fanáticos se atrevían a dar la liga por acabada. Ni Champions, ni Copa ni liga. Pupaaaas

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


  • Martin Anderson
    Martin Anderson

    Atletico, bottling it like only they can.

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


  • hicham bachich
    hicham bachich

    Yassin bono 💪✌🇲🇦

  • Ivan Egea Delgado
    Ivan Egea Delgado

    Que equipo más malo el Atlético Jugadores y entrenador malo Jugadores sin concentración, hacen penalti terminando partido y penalti a los 10 minutos de empezar ...no saben que hacer con la pelota , cualquier equipo les domina ... Próximo partido contra betis perderán el primer puesto , lógico! Jugadores y entrenador no merecen seguir El atlético merece un equipo ganador

  • Klemens von Metternich
    Klemens von Metternich

    Atletico had a 10 point lead ahead of Real and Barca at the end of January with a game in hand. Now they are 3 points ahead of Real and if they win tonight, 1 point ahead of Barcelona with all three having the same amount of games played. Theyre bottling the La Liga title in front of our eyes.

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


  • khabar bhitra ko khabar
    khabar bhitra ko khabar

    Athletico is playing worse day by day why they dont have good player

  • moise Baledi jr
    moise Baledi jr

    Real Madrid 🇨🇩

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


  • Antonio Galvez
    Antonio Galvez

    Esque don unos perdedores

  • Fauzan Febryan
    Fauzan Febryan

    hi admin, maybe you can add english subtitle for the interview rather than dubbing it to english

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


  • Don Jon
    Don Jon

    Barcelona wins league

  • Arachne88

    Hala Madrid 😉

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


  • Billy 90
    Billy 90

    Campos no sabe tirar los penaltis. Además a mi me parece que debería tirarlo el pichichi...

    • Belkis Diaz
      Belkis Diaz


  • Diego Aubry
    Diego Aubry

    Tranquilos, el barsa y el Madrid se autodestruirán en el clásico.

  • JP

    I knew that Los Pupas would lose against Sevilla. FC Barcelona will win the league. Edit: Highlights are 3 minutes now, I'm shocked.